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Our hotel is located in the heart of a pedestrian and bicycle friendly urban beach community filled with unique places to go and things to see. If you’re new to Venice – or just want to know more – here are some highlights:

Ocean Front Walk:

The artists, performers & vendors; the unique store-fronts… need you know more? Well, our front door opens right onto Ocean Front Walk, so it’s very easy for you to find out all about “The Boardwalk” when you stay with us!

The Venice Skate Park:

Built in 2007, the Skate Park is available for all ages and feels right at home in Dogtown. There are smooth banks to gather speed for the flow bowls and a section of chair sets, ledges, rails and boxes for street skaters.

Muscle Beach:

This birthplace of competitive body-building hosts annual summer holiday events and has equipment & free weights in a pen and rings, ropes & bars on the sand that can all be used by visitors each day for a small fee.

The Venice Canals:

This residential Canal neighborhood is both our community’s namesake and a delightful urban oasis. Take in the beautiful homes, footbridges and wildlife as you stroll.

Washington Avenue and the Venice Fishing Pier:

Washington Ave runs along the border of Venice and Marina del Rey and has a nice collection of cantinas and cafés. The Venice Pier juts off of this strip, providing a wonderful vantage point for gazing up the coast or catching the sunset.

Abbot Kinney Boulevard:

Filled with award-winning eateries, art galleries and clothing boutiques, AK is the ideal spot to window shop.

Rose Avenue:

Some call Rose Avenue up-and-coming but we think it’s already established itself with an impressive array of lively cafés and funky shops near the Santa Monica/Venice border.



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  • "I love stepping out the front door and being on the Boardwalk. If you want to experience Venice Beach, this is the hotel for you." Penny H., Vallejo, California
  • “I absolutely adore this place - exposed brick and a certain rustic charm. Perfect location. The staff is attentive yet not intrusive and very friendly.” Zara Z., Miami, Florida
  • “Don’t expect a "Hotel Chain" type experience in a clinical location. Expect an individual experience in a bohemian neighborhood and you’ll have a great time." Rinky dink pink panther, London, United Kingdom
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