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Our boutique hotel offers a unique lodging experience very different from most large American hotels. Here is some information to help you when you arrive for your stay…



Our hotel is ideally located on Ocean Front Walk in Venice Beach, California and it has two entrances. Our front entrance is on Ocean Front Walk and is for pedestrians only; cars cannot drive on Ocean Front Walk.

Our back entrance is on a southbound one-way alleyway called Speedway, which is where taxis or shuttles can drop you off or where you can temporarily park to unload luggage before heading further down Speedway to a paid parking lot or inland to find free residential street parking.

Getting to our hotel is a snap because we’re just 7 miles / 11km from the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). There are taxi stands and shuttle companies at each terminal that service LAX all day, every day.

Please bear in mind that our hotel was built in 1912 and does not have its own on-site parking lot. If you would like a more detailed explanation of where guests park when they visit Venice, feel free to give us a call.

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  • "I love stepping out the front door and being on the Boardwalk. If you want to experience Venice Beach, this is the hotel for you." Penny H., Vallejo, California
  • “I absolutely adore this place - exposed brick and a certain rustic charm. Perfect location. The staff is attentive yet not intrusive and very friendly.” Zara Z., Miami, Florida
  • “Don’t expect a "Hotel Chain" type experience in a clinical location. Expect an individual experience in a bohemian neighborhood and you’ll have a great time." Rinky dink pink panther, London, United Kingdom
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