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Venice Beach Suites & Hotel was built in 1912 by J.D. Armstrong in a five-month process that used 290,000 bricks, originating as “The Potter Hotel”. The location was the key to the property’s initial success, as it was built across from community founder Abbot Kinney’s “Plunge”, a central point in his visionary “Venice of America”.




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  • "I love stepping out the front door and being on the Boardwalk. If you want to experience Venice Beach, this is the hotel for you." Penny H., Vallejo, California
  • “I absolutely adore this place - exposed brick and a certain rustic charm. Perfect location. The staff is attentive yet not intrusive and very friendly.” Zara Z., Miami, Florida
  • “Don’t expect a "Hotel Chain" type experience in a clinical location. Expect an individual experience in a bohemian neighborhood and you’ll have a great time." Rinky dink pink panther, London, United Kingdom
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